All Trades

  • L'hôtel des Haras, une reconversion de KS construction_-3-3
  • decoration d'interieur
  • rehabilitation immeuble ancien
  • L'hôtel des Haras, une reconversion de KS construction_-6
  • platrerire travaux de second oeuvre
  • Entrerpise generale travaux en tout corps d'etat TCE
  • Les Haras Brasserie une réhabilitation de KS construction_-11
  • platrerire travaux de second oeuvre
  • L'Hôtel des HARAS entreprise générale TCE KS construction Alsace-2
  • construction immeuble BBC entrerpise generale travaux en tout corps d'etat TCE
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An All Trades Company 

We design, build and refurbish all types of premises.

The wealth of our all trades corporate offer is based on the know-how of our nine sister entities, all at the leading edge of their profession.

In operational terms, the advantages of our all trades company are many: the expertise linked to our numerous achievements, the technical know-how of our in-house engineering & design departments, and the control of problems relating to the environment, energy savings, access for the disabled, and updating of standards.

We also work with a large network of partner subcontractors, allowing us to increase our responsiveness and flexibility, and to meet all needs.

Our group is also specialised in occupied on-work site including the social interface.
Installation of our nine regional entities on the same geographic site simplifies feedback exchange, thus enabling us to enrich our skills each day.

Our hallmark: the responsiveness of a SME combined with the guarantees of a leading group.

Our motto: the right technique, the right organisation, the right price.


The key is a large number of advantages for our customers:

  • Reduced costs and delivery times,
  • Improved quality, organisation and construction conditions,
  • Optimisation of the end result.

Our commitments and certifications