Fabric and Structure

  • Renovation des Haras Strasbourg
  • Construction centre d'affaire gros oeuvre
  • Parois berlinoises travaux speciaux
  • Rehabilitation mole seegmuller
  • echafaudage gros oeuvre
  • construction immeuble
  • Beton structure, beton apparent
  • construction immeuble logement
  • ferraillage
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Our fabric business is the result of fifty years’ experience and continuous monitoring of technological, social and organisational developments, combined with our ability to listen and adapt to our customers’ needs.

Our teams work on a wide variety of structures and propose a highly competitive offer in a wide range of sectors: residential, tertiary, functional, industrial, new buildings and those requiring refurbishment, for all project sizes.

A manufacturer specialising in the fabric sector right from the start, our group boasts three main values – independence, autonomy, competitiveness – by implementation of teams with complementary and tailored skills, an ambitious training policy, and its own special equipment. Certified “Quality-Safety-Health-Environment”, our company provides all necessary guarantees on worksites.


A genuine communication channel between local players and customers, the Sales & Development department and the Fabric Engineering & Design department optimise our work by means of:

  • accuracy of quotations,
  • keeping to budgets,
  • analysis of variants,
  • studies of specific cases and special works,
  • upstream organisation (keeping to required resources and schedules),
  • production follow-up and analysis.


For the customer, this expertise offers many advantages:

  • reduced costs and delivery times,
  • enhanced quality, organisation and construction conditions,
  • optimisation of the end result.