Industrial buildings

  • construction d"une usine
  • travaux industriels
  • genie civil
  • extension d'une usine
  • construction hall de production
  • restructuration d'une usine
  • construction hall de production charpente metallique
  • massifs et de radiers en beton arme de structures industrielles 1
  • massifs et de radiers en beton arme structures industrielles 2
  • massifs et de radiers en beton arme  structures industrielles 3
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Industrial buildings for all industrial sectors

Our teams are involved in creation, extension and transformation of industrial buildings.

We offer a complete range of specific skills :

  • Assistance and consultancy in industrial construction and renovation projects
  • Command of industrial maintenance and new works
  • Management of industrial site general maintenance contracts

We provide

  • Corporate MASE (Corporate Safety Improvement Manual) certification
  • Compliance with your site’s Quality Safety Environment procedures
  • Training of our collaborators in chemical and ATEX (explosive atmospheres) hazards

We guarantee

  • Availability
  • Flexibility
  • Responsiveness of our specialised teams in responding to the operating constraints of industrial activities

We rely on our command of a large number of civil engineering processes and techniques, such as

  • Earthwork, construction and/or maintenance of exterior facilities,
  • Design, study and construction of paths and roadways on industrial sites
  • Design, study and construction of underpinning shields adapted to your projects (different types of retaining walls, etc.)
  • Design, study and construction/renovation of retention zones (earth mound barriers and/or reinforced concrete retaining walls)
  • Reworking to standards of industrial process support structures
  • Creation of pits for industrial machinery
  • Construction of heavy and light industrial process support blocks
  • Construction of network landfill ditches and trenches
  • Sewage networks for industrial water or products
  • Construction of gutters, pits and networks, new or undergoing transformation, inside or outside
  • Design and construction of industrial water treatment facilities
  • Construction of reinforced concrete self-regulation tanks
  • Construction of firewalls, new or undergoing renovation
  • Refurbishment of paving in production or logistic zones
  • Repair and/or reworking to standards of existing concrete structures
  • Design, study and construction of industrial engineering works
  • Design, study and construction of new industrial buildings
  • Renovation/transformation of industrial buildings in terms of civil engineering and framework
  • Renovation/transformation of industrial building pavings
  • Renovation of existing buildings’ structures and floors
  • Refurbishment of buildings by underpinning of foundations, infrastructures and superstructures

We work in the main industrial sectors: food processing, chemistry, petrochemicals, mechanics, logistics, tertiary, shopping centres.

CEach industrial building construction project is managed by one person, thus guaranteeing command of the construction processes, delivery times and costs.

We also conduct industrial building projects as part of a design-construction contract, guaranteeing costs and delivery times as per the specification sheet drawn up with the customer.