Our human and material resources

Our human resources

Continuous development of skills right from recruitment

We have a clear and formalised policy for continuous development of our prime resource, namely our human resources:

  • Share the same corporate culture through transmission of our values right from recruitment
  • Listen to our employees through individual interviews, site meetings, and dynamic works committees and health, safety and working conditions committees
  • Improve working conditions and reduce the health and safety risks for our employees by implementing a Health, Safety and Environment action policy and programmes
  • Recruit each year a number of trainees to sustain our culture, skills and know-how
  • Develop the skills and qualification of our human resources by analysing our company’s needs and our employees’ expectations, application of a training plan, individual training entitlements and validation of acquired experience.

In a few figures

  • 15% of employees in work-study contracts
  • An annual training budget of more than €80,000
  • 60 “progress meetings” held each year
  • Dissemination of an internal newsletter since 2010

Our material resources

Tailored to our ambitions

We ensure increasingly effective production by means of:

  • Innovation in our production means and methods
  • Regular renewal of our work facilities to reduce malfunction risks and smooth out investment costs
  • Continuous improvement of our organisation and the warehouse/worksite interface

Our worksites’ logistics are thus ensured by:

  • Dedicated human resources
  • A modern equipment warehouse
  • A transport department
  • Workshops: joinery, mechanics, and welding/boiler making

Our worksites thus guarantee increased flexibility and responsiveness.


Our equipment warehouse in a few figures

  • Dedicated human resources: 1 equipment manager, 2 maintenance technicians, 4 warehousemen
  • 3,000 m2 of formwork
  • 12,000 ml of shoring beams
  • 1 tower crane, 6 handling and earthwork machines, 110 vehicles
  • 120 worksite bungalows