Our tailored offers

Our range of offers tailored to your construction or renovation project

The KS group provides a specific offer, ranging from energy renovation programmes to updating of safety and accessibility standards, not to forget financial assistance. The group relies on its project managers’ expertise in terms of public aid and regulations.


Global energy renovation offer

Its services are part of calls for projects geared to renovation design, coordination and follow-up of works, and carrying out of energy performance tests.
With our expertise acquired as a thermal renovator, we can guide and advise project owners in their energy efficiency project.



Updating Safety-Accessibility standards

The standards upgrade sites have multiplied as a result of fire safety and accessibility requirements. In this respect, our project managers inform project owners and, in particular, establishments open to the public – as to the latest regulations and the public aid panel intended for investors.

Goal: support equipment upgrading according to the law of February 10th 2005 with respect to equal opportunities for all.
The text provides in particular for reworking to conformity of establishments by 2015. We assist our customers in this respect by conducting audits allowing an accessibility diagnostic.


The aim is to:

  • highlight non-conformity issues, 
  • target necessary changes, 
  • design installations, 
  • provide work quotations, 
  • schedule work, and carry it out allowing for all constraints relating to the customer’s business

Our financing solutions for your construction project

We have incorporated the skills of a financial consultancy firm, and shall assist our customers throughout their project.

We provide our customers with genuine financial assistance from the project audit through to setting and following up the administrative files, with, in between, collection of available aids and funding, checking of eligibility criteria, and advice as to the best funding strategies.

We take into account all information of interest to individuals, condominiums and companies alike: funding, tax, aids and subsidies, energy saving certificates, specific aids for companies.

Our advisors have all the knowledge required to guide our customers in the right direction and make their project accessible.